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FLEYE - Fine Looking Eyewear

3 FLEYE Features:

Light As A Feather

Award-Winning Nosepad Wire

Clip-on Sunglasses

A beautiful range that has been constructed with the utmost knowledge as to what a spectacle wearer might look for in a pair of glasses. These frames are amazingly light weight, but surprisingly their toughness for everyday use withstands crazy animals, children and grandchildren, being dropped in the garden, lost in the house, or fallen into the crack in the car. 

They are a dream to wear. FLEYE spectacles are made with some of the best materials available. A mix of acetate, beta-titanium, carbon fibre and horn.

A large amount of choice; colour, shape and design are crafted to suit a variety of wearers.  







 Unique clip-on sunglasses are available for a variety of the frames. They are designed to suit every shape and every colour, and are made so the clip-on sits perfectly on every frame.




For further models and images, please click the following link  http://www.fleye.com.au/












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